About Demuria Jagannath Temple:

            We have no direct proof  of real age of the old temple of lord jagannath in Demuria. But who have already seen old temple, they might be shocked to see this new temple  of Lord. Cause it is so big and it's tip of the temple touches the sky. The Old Temple was just Mud House, seems like the temple of peaceful God and the Veranda of this temple was so high  by which it is a lore that every night Lord Jagannath visit outside by his Horse, and by this high veranda it was so easy to climb up and Climb down to ride a horse from the temple. When Lord Jagannath climb up the horse it sounds like "khat-khat". One night, Bipin Chadra Choudhury, a Villager of Demuria heard these sound and waked up at night and astonished. This Old temple was withered with the time passed. So, all the villagers  want  a concrete temple for the Lord. And as we know, if we wish together then every wish would fulfill. And now our New Jagannath Temple is standing  straight as a sun rises in the sky at dawn. 

           When we watch new temple of Demuria Jagannath temple, our heart beat increases reason is it makes us  surprise and make us amazed. Temple is build with mixing art of Odisha and Bengal.the main gate is called "SIMHA DWAR" cause the gate keeper of this temple is two Big Lion as we see in Puri Temple. the Height of Temple is 60 feet. 

           After the Entrance, there is a place where "Chaturdha Murti" is situated which is called "JAGAMOHAN". "Chaturdha Murti" in the scene, the statute of Four God. Lord Jagannath, The Balabhadra(Elder brother), The Subhadra (Sister), The Sudarshan (Instrument of Jagannth which is called Ayudha). 

           The New Temple of Lord jagannath of  Demuria is buit on 31st May 2012. It took 6 years  to complete this Temple. This temple is illuminated by Akshyatanand Ji, the Chair person and the chief secretary of Ramkrishna Sevashram. The first enthusiasm of making this  new temple was by  Late  Nirmal Chowdhury. Total expenditure for making this new Temple is 25 lacs. the whole work is finished  by all those devotee heart who help us to make this new temple for our Lord jagannath, the Lord of our Soul.



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